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What is Reach The Masses Ministry

Food Stamps do not provide

DONATION ACCEPTED  for Babies and Adults

Baby Toiletries and 

  1. Toilet Tissue
  2. Shampoo
  3. Soap
  4. Body lotion
  5. deodorant
  6. Dish Soap
  7. Washing powder or liquid
  8. Feminine items 
  9. Shoe polish
  10. Men or Women Depends
  11. Tooth Paste & Tooth brushes
  12. Cash to purchase the above item
  13. nail polish, emery boards, polish remover


Photography for Non-Profits

I love blessings Churches and Non-profits with photos of events at no cost. Love gift is accepted. I am not a 501c3. 

No business at all with my photography only blessings.

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My involvement

I am founder of Reach The Masses Ministry after walking through this area waiting on disability. I am also a photographer with a gift from the Father.

Reach The Masses Ministry Info Video

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Contact for donating or setting up an event

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Contact me about giving donations or doing photography for your event for your Church or Ministry.

Reach The Masses Ministry

Polk County, Fl

(863) 272-0069 leave message for return call ReachTheMasses@gmail.com